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Next Step Battle

Next Step Battle

Van 13.00 uur tot 17.00 uur vindt op het Pieter Vreedeplein in Tilburg ' The Next Step' plaats. Deze 'all style' dancebattle, georganiseerd door Downtown Promotions, Sportbedrijf Tilburg en Center of Tilburg is toegankelijk voor iedereen en iedereen kan meedoen. Aanmelden kan via

Beschrijving event
The Next Step is taking it back to the streets with their international level all-styles battle. Battles are where the hip-hop community gathers to pay respect and to empower one another through the exchange of individualistic street-styled dance movements. Battling plays a vital role inside the street culture in that it provides an artistic platform for self-expression and the development of the talents of a new generation inside a respectful and supportive environment. Come experience this “feel good vibe” where everyone is welcome.

Host: Damion Held aka (Papa Bakroe)
DJ: Cutnice
Judge 1: Xisco Riboch (Hustlekidz)
Judge 2: Katerina Ourda
Judge 3: Hassani Le Couvreur
Prize money: 950 euro
Battle categories: 1 vs 1  |  2 vs 2  |  5 vs 5

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